We have an amazing supportive business community

Over 2 Million Raised For Charity

Since 1996 the Turks & Caicos golf community, many generous business sponsors, Provo Golf Club, and The Wine Cellar have joined forces to raise over Two Million Dollars for local community charities. Congratulations to all involved!

An amazing achievement for such a small destination! Provo Golf Club would like to thank each of the many generous sponsors, businesses, and golf participants. In particular we should recognize the amazing effort of The Wine Cellar (Discount Liquors) for being there every step of the way. Under the direction of Gilley Williams, The Wine Cellar and their staff have gone to great lengths by supporting their own successful charity golf tournaments while also lending a helpful hand to many of the other charity tournaments over the last 25 years.

Going forward collectively we set our new goal of surpassing Three Million Dollars mark in record fashion with a target year of 2027. Provo Golf Club would also like to thank and recognize the HAB Group for their permission, backing, and support allowing the Provo Golf Club to be such a catalyst in this communities causes. Thank you all!

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