Our Environment

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Tim Mack explains some of the initiatives taken to look after our environment at Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Clubn

Platinum Paspalum Grass

Salt-Tolerant Grass

Platinum Paspalum is the new standard in the golf industry - find out more below.


Royal Turks and Caicos is committed to:-

  • Engaging with our partners to ensure environmental and sustainable issues are considered at all times
  • Reduce the environmental impact on our use of energy, water, waste disposal and transportation.
  • We will benchmark our environmental performance, internally and against external industry benchmarks.
  • Royal Turks and Caicos maintains a clear obligation to protect our environment as part of its sustainability practice.
  • We commit to working with our clients and suppliers throughout to promote a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Our policy includes the following practices:

  • Recycling of all aluminum and use of environmentally friendly disposable products (straws, take-out, deli wrap)
  • Raise environmental awareness to our staff and customers.
    Inform contractors and consultants of environmental policy and encourage them to operate to similar standards
  • To comply with applicable environment regulations
  • Prevent pollution and to minimize the impacts of our activities on the environment
  • Endeavour to make a timely response to a known or potential environmental or health hazard.
  • To properly manage or dispose of controlled, hazardous (including toxic) or special wastes for which is company is responsible