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2023 May

12th Annual Golf & Fishing Tournament, Presidents Championship, Bob Graham Classic, TCI Team wins Caribbean Classic, 7th Annual Cancer Scramble, 2023 Women's Golf Day

2022 November

30 year's young, 29th Club Championship, Refit of Pro-Shop, 65th Annual Caribbean Golf Championship, British West Indies Scramble, TCAAF Scramble, Miss Joan promotion.

2022 May

Rebranding Statement, Sean's promotion, USA Today Award, Course Conditions, Provo Ryder Cup, Golf & Fishing Tournament, Caribbean Classic

2021 October

25th Caribbean Golf Classic, Mike Eddy retires, Ladies Day, Rivers Report

2020 December

27th Club Championship, 28th Ryder Cup, Summer Golf League

2020 April

President's Championship, Captains Cup, new Handicap system, 10th Annual Wine Cellar Tournament, Ladies Clinics

2019 December

$2 million raised, Scotiabank Scramble, Club Championship, Premier's Cup, 27th Ryder Cup, BWIC Scramble, Ladies golf clinics

2019 September

Jadot Cup raises $16k, Channing Benjamin photography, kids golf camp, juniors report

2019 June

President's Championship, Top 10 Award, Bob Graham celebration, Captain's Cup, National Cancer Society Scramble, 9th Golf & Fishing Tournament

2019 January

25th Club Championship, Ladies course record, USA Today's Award, F.Chambers TCIFA Golf Scramble, Premier's Cup raises $35k, Provo Ryder Cup

2018 November

2nd course of Paspalum end, Back 9 Update, PGC Juniors, TCHTA Tournament, Fall Schedule

2018 July

Paspalum Update, Brooke plays at St Andrews. $21k raised for HIV, Caribbean Golf Classic, Cancer Scramble

2017 December

EZGO Carts, Summer matchplay, Cross-Country scramble, Christmas Shopping

2017 October

New APP, Hurricane Irma

2017 July

17th Jadot Cup, Course Updates, Rugby Scramble, Queens Baton Relay, Cancer Society Scramble,

2017 April

Platinum Paspalum re-turf announced, Scott Loosely leaves, 23rd Club Championship, F Chambers Youth Soccer Scramble, 2017 President's Championship, 3rd Corporate Charity Challenge, 7th Wine & Fishing Tournament

2016 December

Match Play, $35k raised by Jadot Cup, $55k raised for Cadet Corps, Ryder Cup, Governor Retires, TCHTA fundraiser, Feherty On Tour

2016 June

David Feherty On Tour, 6th Wine Cellar Cup, Bob Graham Classic, Cancer Society Cup, Caddy Cup,

2016 February

5th Captain's Cup, Corporate Charity Challenge, 23rd President's Championship, Junior Clinics

2015 August

David Feherty Joins PGC, Cadet Corp, Digicel Rugby, Jadot Cup, National Society Scramble

2015 April

Wine Cellar Cup, Bob Graham Classic, Monthly Stapleford, Captains Cup, President's Championship

2014 December

Annual Championship, Bordier Bank, Corporate Charity Challenge

2014 September

Jadot Cup, Cancer Society Scramble, Ryder Cup

2014 May

Bob Graham Classic, Captains Cup, Presidents Championship, Wine Cellar Cup,

2014 February

20th Club Championship, Soccer Scramble, Ryder Cup

2013 September

Passing Tommy Coleman, Wine Cellar, Jadot Cup

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