The Wine Cellar Cup committee is proud to announce that this year’s proceeds from the annual event were presented to 2 youth-oriented charitable organizations, the Edward Gartland Youth Centre and United Way Turks & Caicos. The Edward Gartland Youth Centre is a non-profit organization providing a centre for the youth of Providenciales with activities ranging from tutoring, to sports and recreation, arts and crafts and so much more. The United Way TCI is a non-profit organization that has a wide range of outreach programs including youth development, after-school reading programs and crime prevention. The Charities received cheques totalling $80,000 as each graciously accepted $40,000 which brings the 12-year total donated by the WCGFT and its Sponsors to $460,000. What an amazing record and we look forward to giving even more next year.

The committee thanks our sponsors and organizers who were key in our efforts to give back to the youth of the TCI Community. Congratulations to the golf champion team of Ted Bayley, Mike Adamo, Kurt Rivers and Jorge Rodriguez, with second place captured by Carola Stipa’s team of Jerina Chui, Paul Murray, and Fraser Dods. Third place consisted of Chris Pretorius, Kirk Stewart, Tim Mack, and Andrea Todd, while fourth place was Collette Coty’s team of Don Collins, Brooke Rivers and Jumphol Srinark. The best two-person scramble team was Collette Coty and Brooke Rivers. Ninety-six players participated on 24 teams resulting in the largest WCC field ever! Thank you all.

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